Our Company

We are the inventors of the Photo-Images® Digital and Enamelite™ Personal Jewellery ranges.

Using state-of-the-art imaging technology, we are able to produce detailed engravings and full colour image reproduction of your favourite photographs onto precious metals. Our service is available over a range of products which include pendants, watches and plaques.

Established in 1985, our business has since expanded dramatically.
We now sell our equipment for engraving and colour imaging to franchise holders worldwide. Product lines are being expanded and developed constantly with several new pendant styles released each year.

We first developed our Digital Engraving system which engraves at high resolution and produce a quality finish with a mystical holographic effect.  These images show excellent detail & brightness.  The holographic effect is produced when moving the pendant from side to side.

We adopt a continuous improvement policy, continuing to invest time and resources into new systems.

As a result we pioneered our new Enamelite™ system. The system produces images which have glorious photographic detail and visibility at all angles. The new system comes in two different finishes - Ultra and Colour.

The Ultra Engraving - Enamelite™ finish produces a stunning black and white image of photographic quality, which is bright and clearly visible at all angles. Colour Imaging - Enamelite™ finish is the same as Ultra Engraving but in full vibrant colour. The addition of colour enhances and warms the appearance of products.

In addition to the primary Photo-Images® business we have maintained a core digital and laser marking service to our trade customers, specialising in engraving logos, script and handwriting inside and outside of rings. For more information please visit Engraving Solutions.

CONTACT EMAILS: info@photo-images.net / info@photo-pendants.co.uk / info@photojewellery.com